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This is the AMPED (Air Methods Prehospital EDucation) podcast brought to you by Air Methods, a leader in air medical transport, with the mission to deliver critical care discussion and content to both the prehospital and in-hospital care providers through clinician interviews and expert clinical commentary.

Sep 20, 2023

Our teams at Air Methods have many checklists they follow to ensure optimal care for each patient. What happens when our teams have to pivot their approach and their treatments because of the uniqueness of each individual? On this episode, our team tends to a car crash victim whose injuries make traditional methods of care impossible, and the team is forced to pivot multiple times to provide treatment. This episode also tackles the question of when it's appropriate to give the patient's family the gift of a goodbye.
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We are joined by:
Jacqlyn Murray FPC NREMTP 
Teresa Click BSN, RN, EMTP, CEN

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